Managed IT Security

Managed IT Security:

Businesses are facing an ever-increasing array of cyber threats.

Kwik Support understands the importance of robust IT security and offers a comprehensive suite of Managed IT Security solutions designed to safeguard your business against malicious attacks, data breaches, and other security risks.

Understanding Managed IT Security: A Comprehensive Guide

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Managed Antivirus.

Kwik Support’s Managed Antivirus utilises the power of Bitdefender business security to protect your devices from malware, viruses, and other threats.

This industry-leading security solution provides real-time protection, ensuring your PCs, notebooks, and servers remain secure against even the most advanced cyber threats.

Full Disk Encryption.

For enhanced data protection, we offer full disk encryption as an add-on to our Managed Antivirus.

This robust encryption solution secures your sensitive data, even in the event of device theft or loss, by ensuring unauthorised users cannot access the encrypted information.

Managed EDR.

Kwik Support’s Managed EDR service goes beyond traditional antivirus, providing advanced threat detection and response capabilities.

Our EDR solution continually monitors your devices for signs of compromise, enabling rapid response to potential security incidents and minimising the impact of a breach.

Deep Visibility.

To ensure your business has a comprehensive understanding of its security posture, we offer deep visibility as an add-on for our Managed EDR service.

This advanced feature provides in-depth analysis and reporting, allowing you to quickly identify and address vulnerabilities in your IT environment.

Kwik Shield – Managed Firewall.

At Kwik Support we prioritise your digital safety and productivity. In an age where the internet has become an integral component of our daily lives, encompassing businesses, schools, and home offices, we understand the pressing need for advanced, reliable, and adaptable security solutions. As part of our Manages IT Security offering, we’re proud to introduce our suite of next-generation firewalls – Kwik Shield for Business, Kwik Shield for Schools, and Kwik Shield for Home Office.

Each Kwik Shield product is a smart access Unified Threat Management (UTM) device designed to deliver deep-packet inspection, application level inspection, and robust intrusion prevention and detection. With the intelligence drawn from beyond the firewall, these devices ensure your network is secure, optimised, and efficiently managed, no matter where you’re operating from – the office, school, or home.

Kwik Shield for Business.

Kwik Shield for Business, provided by Kwik Support, is a sophisticated, next-generation firewall installed at your site. It utilises external intelligence to perform deep-packet inspection, application-level scrutiny, and intrusion prevention and detection.

As a smart Unified Threat Management (UTM) device, Kwik Shield plays a critical role in securing your network. In the current business environment where SaaS and VoIP solutions are the norm, Kwik Shield effectively safeguards your valuable bandwidth against misuse, ensuring optimal network performance and business productivity.

Kwik Shield for Schools.

In today’s dual-teaching environment, Kwik Shield for Schools, a next-generation firewall, helps ensure a safe and productive network. Performing deep-packet inspection and proactive intrusion prevention, it allows cloud-based network oversight from your school premises.

Crucially, Kwik Shield manages bandwidth use, deterring non-educational internet activity during school hours and keeping the focus firmly on efficient learning.

Kwik Shield for Home Office.

As the shift towards remote work solidifies, securing your home office environment and optimising productivity becomes crucial. Kwik Shield Home, an advanced next-generation firewall, meets this need by offering deep-packet inspection, application level inspection, and active intrusion prevention, all controlled remotely via the cloud.

More than ever, bandwidth management is key, and Kwik Shield Home guards against bandwidth drain, maintaining a professional, work-focused network environment that bolsters security, productivity, and integrity of operations.

Email Security and Continuity.

Email is a critical communication tool for businesses but can also be a gateway for cyber threats.

Kwik Support’s email security and continuity service helps protect your organisation against phishing, spam, and other email-borne attacks.

Our solution also ensures email continuity, allowing your business to maintain seamless communication even during server outages or other disruptions.

Email Archiving.

Kwik Support offers a comprehensive email archiving solution to help businesses meet compliance requirements, simplify eDiscovery, and improve email management.

Our archiving service securely stores and indexes your emails, providing fast, efficient access to your organisation’s email history.

Data Risk Assessment.

Understanding your business’s data risk is essential for maintaining a strong security posture.

Kwik Support’s Data Risk Assessment service evaluates your organisation’s data security practices, identifies potential vulnerabilities, and provides actionable recommendations for mitigating risks.

With Kwik Support’s Managed IT Security solutions, you can rest assured that your business is protected against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Contact us today to discuss how our comprehensive security services can help safeguard your organisation’s valuable data and IT infrastructure.

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