Data Protection Features

Kwik Backup:

Advanced Data Protection Features and Technical Specifications.

Explore the advanced features and technical specifications that set Kwik Backup apart.

This page delves into the technical details of our service, covering topics like secure offsite cloud backup storage, fully managed data protection services, advanced data encryption, and more.

Learn how our cutting-edge technology and expert management work together to provide a secure, efficient, and reliable data protection solution.

"Kwik Backup is a game changer!"

Secure Offsite Cloud Backup Storage.

Our direct-to-cloud data backup service ensures that your valuable data is securely stored on remote cloud servers, eliminating the need for local physical devices.

Be content that with Kwik Backup your business data is safe, secure and easy to restore.

Fully Managed Data Protection Services.

Leave your Data Protection to the experts. Our fully managed cloud backup service takes the stress and hassle out of data protection.

Our helpdesk manages everything from installation and configuration to daily monitoring, restore testing and data restore.

Trust Kwik Backup to keep your valuable data safe and restorable, providing round the clock support whenever you need it.

Advanced Data Encryption for Your Protection.

Our backup service offers AES-256 encryption, providing the highest level of security for your data both in transit and at rest.

You can generate your own private key or have one generated for you during deployment.

With ISO-certified data centres located worldwide, you can be confident that your data is protected and compliant with local regulations.

Easy Data Restore Options.

From fast file-level to full system restore, our expert helpdesk support and range of restore options allow for your valuable data to be rapidly accessible.

Customisable Backup Frequency.

We can set the backup frequency to fit your business requirements.

The schedule can range from daily to as often as every 15 minutes.

We provide customisable backup intervals to ensure the integrity of your mission-critical data.

Long-Term Backup for Data Retention.

With our direct-to-cloud backup service, retention and archive periods can be set for up to 7 years at no extra cost.

Thanks to our journal-based architecture, we can restore files, servers and entire systems from past archives just as easily as current backups.

Microsoft 365 Data Protection.

Effortlessly backup and restore your Microsoft 365 data with Kwik Backup’s backup and restore service.

With features like deleted item restore and 7 years of data retention, you can be assured that your valuable data is safe and secure in our private cloud.

Efficient Data Backup with TrueDelta Technology.

TrueDelta technology provides quick and efficient backup processing.

Compared to other image backup products, TrueDelta moves up to 60 times less data by utilising sub-block-level data processing and WAN optimisation.

Local Cloud Servers for Efficient Storage.

Kwik Backup’s direct-to-cloud backup service provides efficient storage with secure ISO-certified data centres located worldwide.

Your valuable data is protected no matter where in the world you are.

Local Private cloud storage is included in the price.

Trust Kwik Backup to safeguard your valuable data while you focus on growing and maintaining your business.

Flexible Disaster Recovery Options.

Kwik Backup’s direct-to-cloud backup service provides multiple disaster recovery options for your business.

Including file-and-folder level restore, bare-metal restore, virtual disaster recovery, and more. We can test and verify backup integrity on an automated schedule with restore testing.

Daily Reporting for Your Peace of Mind.

With our backup service, you’ll receive daily email reports providing you with updates on the status of your backups, restore jobs, and testing results.

This comprehensive reporting system helps you stay informed while assuring you of the safety of your valuable data.

All-Inclusive Backup Storage.

You are charged for the amount of data selected for backup, rather than the actual storage space used to store your backups in the cloud.

As a result, you won’t have to pay more even if you store your backups for an extended period.

Automated Restore Testing for Reliable Backups.

With Kwik Backup, we can automatically test the backup integrity of your critical servers or workstations, without the need for additional hardware or VMs.

Our testing solution saves time and resources, while verifying successful restoration.

Trust Kwik Backup for reliable and hassle-free backup and restore solutions.

SpeedCache for Rapid Restore.

SpeedCache can keep a copy of your backup on local data storage allowing for accelerated restore times. (Dependent on local network speed)

Easy, Secure, and Cost-Effective Backup as a Service.

Choose Kwik Backup’s Backup as a Service solution that is easy to use, secure, and cost-effective.

Our SaaS application eliminates the need for local application or server maintenance and allows for direct-to-cloud backups.

Our included private cloud storage, eliminates the need and cost of managing local storage.