Home Office IT Support Features

Home Office IT Support:

Detailed Features.

We understand the unique challenges of running a home office, and we’ve tailored our services to meet those needs.

From priority technical support to advanced data protection, our comprehensive features are designed to provide a seamless IT experience.

Explore our offerings below to see how we can help optimise your home office IT environment.

Included in the Support Package:

When you choose our Home Office IT Support package, you’ll receive:


  • 30 Minutes of Remote Support: Get immediate assistance from our team right when you need it.
  • Secure Remote Support Tool: We use a secure tool for remote support, ensuring your data’s safety during remote sessions.
  • Device Monitoring Agent: We monitor your devices to detect and resolve potential issues before they become problems.
  • Patch Management: We manage regular Windows/Mac and third-party software patch updates to resolve known vulnerabilities.
  • Automated Procedures: We run automated tasks to enhance efficiency and keep your devices running smoothly.
  • Helpdesk Ticket Logging: We log and track all your tickets through our Helpdesk, keeping you informed about the status of your issues.
  • Month-End Reporting: We provide a detailed report at the end of each month, summarising all the work done and issues resolved.

"Kwik Backup is a game changer!"

Technical Support.

Priority access to technical support, whether through phone, email, or chat, to quickly resolve any technical issues that may arise.

  • Remote Support: Our team can provide immediate assistance remotely, addressing issues without the need for an in-person visit.
  • On-site Support: Depending on your location, we can arrange on-site support. Our network of support contractors covers many major cities, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.


We also offer optional anti-virus and EDR protection against viruses, malware, and ransomware.

Protecting sensitive information and devices is crucial for home office users, so features such as firewalls, and data encryption are also highly prioritised.

Kwik Backup.

As part of our comprehensive IT support, we understand the growing importance of cloud backup, especially for home office users who may not have the resources for onsite backups. That’s why we offer Kwik Backup as an optional add-on to our services.

Kwik Backup is a cloud-based solution that provides robust protection for your critical data. Here’s what this add-on service brings to the table:

  • Secure Storage: Your data is stored in a secure cloud environment, protecting it from local hardware failures, natural disasters, and other potential threats.

  • Swift Recovery: In the event of data loss, Kwik Backup enables rapid recovery of your files, minimising downtime and disruption.

  • Ransomware Defense: Kwik Backup fortifies your data against ransomware and other cyber threats. With secure backups in place, you can restore your data without succumbing to ransom demands.

  • Peace of Mind: Kwik Backup takes care of automatic backups, freeing you from the worry of manual file saving and ensuring your data is always safe.

  • Effortless Management: Kwik Backup features a user-friendly interface and provides comprehensive reports, keeping you informed about your data protection status. Plus, our helpdesk manages your backup process on your behalf, making it a truly hands-off solution.

Consider adding Kwik Backup to your Home Office IT Support package for an extra layer of data protection.

Still have questions about our Home Office IT Support package?

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand our service better.
Visit our FAQ page to get detailed answers to common questions and concerns.

Device Management.

We use Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools to monitor your devices. This toolset allows us to:

  • Monitor machine performance and detect potential issues before they become problems.
  • Execute automated tasks to resolve common issues.
  • Provide rapid remote support when needed.

Patch Management.

We provide regular Windows/Mac and third-party software patch updates to resolve known vulnerabilities.

Maintaining the latest software, application updates, and security patches can be a daunting task for home office users. That’s why we prioritise managing this process for you, saving you time and effort.

Automated Procedures.

Our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) toolset enables us to automate key tasks such as system checks and software updates.

This proactive approach enhances efficiency, helps prevent potential issues, and ensures your devices are always running smoothly, optimising your home office IT environment.


We respect your privacy. The Customer must approve a remote session before an Engineer can access the Customer’s device.

Our device monitoring agent does not monitor or log Customer activity.

Helpdesk Ticket Logging.

We log and track customer-initiated tickets through our Helpdesk.

Issues detected by the device monitoring agent are also logged and tracked in our Helpdesk system.

We provide a month-end report that details all work done and all issues detected and resolved.